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Thursday BP, 11/15/18

Seattle Mariners v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Bryan posted about the promotional giveaways for next season yesterday. Is it just me or do those items seem a little....lackluster? Compared to previous seasons, anyway. (Though of course the “Let Pablo Pitch” bobblehead is the exception).

As tickets will be going on sale soon (and no clue who will be on the team) they seemed to be hedging their bets on which players to feature for giveaway items.

Sure, there was a Buster Posey hat, a Dereck Rodríguez bobblehead for obvious reasons, an Evan Longoria bobblehead for not-so-obvious reasons, and of course Pablo’s. But that seems a little light on the promotional fare.

Obviously, though he was previously a staple player giveaways were designed around, there can be no Pence giveaways next year, but there’s usually at least ONE featured Brandon item. And a Bumgarner one, most of the time. Not so much, this year.

Perhaps, as Bryan indicated, it is a sign that we really don’t yet know who will still be on the team next season. The times they are a-changin’.

But for the first time in at least five seasons, I look at this crop of items and I can’t find one to circle a date on my calendar around to attend a game for, like I’ve done for such great hits as the Buster Posey blanket, or the Madison Bumgarner Silver Slugger bobblehead. Those were massively attended games, entirely for the purpose of getting those giveaway items.

And...isn’t that usually the point of these? A generic “Giants Cap” and an MLB sponsored grocery bag aren’t exactly going to lure in a sellout. For a team that has been as unwatchable as the Giants have been the last two years, you would think the marketing team would try just a little bit harder on that front.