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Yes, there will be a Pablo Sandoval pitching bobblehead

It’ll be one of the team’s featured promotions next season. The world is a better place because of this.

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MLB: Game 1-Los Angeles Dodgers at San Francisco Giants Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants just tweeted out some of their 2019 promotions and the most important one is the “Let Pablo Pitch” bobblehead.

Look at it. Simply marvelous. And it can be yours if you buy single game tickets when they go on sale next Tuesday, 11/20. How does it compare to the famous picture?

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants - Game One Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Pretty good! Pretty close! And the head bobbles. But, uh... ahem... there’s also this, uh... this t-shirt that captures the moment, too —

and it can be yours through BreakingT. Right now, it looks like they have only sizes Large and up. If you’re looking for smaller sizes, just let me know and I’ll contact them and see what’s up.

Also on the list of giveaways:

Evan Longoria Bobblehead (April 6th)

Interesting because there’s a nonzero chance he won’t be on the team come Opening Day.

Buster Posey Cap (April 7th)

He will probably still be on the team come Opening Day, but he might not yet be on the active roster. In any case, here’s the hat itself —

Buster Posey’s signature can now be yours to keep!

Is it just me, or does it remind anybody else of this hat?

Just me? Okay. Fair enough.

There’s also a Two Flaps Down Wool Hat (April 13th), Mother’s Day wristlet (May 12th — it’s a wallet, but attaches to your wrist!), Kruk or Kuip broadcaster gnome (June 8th), a white with black brim and black SF with orange outline (June 15th), Father’s Day Socks (June 16th), a Will Clark Baseball Tee (July 6th), and MLB Network Grocery Tote (July 7th).

I skipped one just to highlight it. On June 29th, we’ll get this Dereck Rodríguez bobblehead:

We may never learn why the team in its advertising and the company in its construction of the bobblehead itself omitted the accent mark over the I in Rodríguez, but here we are. That’s a really nice representation of his flowing locks and it’s a good smile despite it not being his typical look on the mound, which has been better-captured by this t-shirt...

... which you can also purchase from BreakingT...

There’s also a nonzero chance that he isn’t on the team come Opening Day or even by the time this bobblehead comes out, but I say that’s what adds to the excitement surrounding the giveaways. None of the players who have giveaways attached to them could be on the team ahead of their respective giveaways. Maybe Pablo Sandoval doesn’t survive Spring Training! Maybe Buster Posey turns into a being of pure light and warps to another galaxy to stop an alien invasion that threatens existence itself.

These could be immediate collectors’ items. Remember when those used to be a thing? Now everything’s digital.