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Arizona Fall League interview with right-handed relief pitcher Sam Wolff

We might see him in the big leagues soon.

First of all, let me say that the Arizona Fall League is unlike any baseball I’ve ever watched. The stadium is mostly quiet - so much that when you heckle a player you can be SURE they can hear you. It’s filled mostly with scouts, marking notes in their tattered books and firing their speed guns after every pitch. The players are relaxed, eager, and available. I love it. It’s the best.

If you haven’t been following the coverage from Roger on our team, I encourage you to catch up. Here’s his latest update on what’s happening around the AFL.

While the bats have been *crickets* from the Giants players, the pitching has been pretty interesting. One of the guys I had my eye on was Sam Wolff, a right-handed relief pitcher that was acquired during the trade for Matt Moore from the Texas Rangers in the offseason last year. As you’ll see in the video interview, he’s had a rough road thus far in terms of injury - he missed 2015 with an achilles tendon surgery and most of last season with a flexor tendon injury.

It seems like Wolff is on the right track now as he is dominating his outings for the Scottsdale Scorpions - he has 0.00 ERA in 10.0 IP and just picked up his third save yesterday.

Wolff is 27 years old so I’m guessing we’ll most certainly see him in spring training in 2019 and depending on what holes are in the bullpen next year, could see him working his way into the mix at some point.

Check out the interview I did with him where I talk to him about what he’s focusing on this fall, what current major league pitcher he’s most like, what he likes to do off the field, and whether he thinks a hot dog is a sandwich.