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Thursday BP, 11/1/18

MLB: New York Mets at San Francisco Giants Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

** This was written before the news of Willie McCovey’s passing last night. Please see Bryan’s post and Grant’s post. **

Let’s do a little round up of this week’s non-baseball things:

Monday was National Cat Day, and what better way to celebrate than by getting to know Sam Dyson’s cat Snuckles a little bit better:

Tuesday was Joe Panik’s birthday. I found the phrasing on this one to be a bit odd. Are they confirming the Buster Clone conspiracy? /insert thinking face emoji

Wednesday was Halloween, and some of the Giants players and recently former players (and unknown status players) shared their costumes:

They also had some last minute costume ideas for you:

And in keeping with the Halloween theme, Cut4 wrote a little bit about the haunted hotel that Brandon Belt refuses to stay at:

Also, Wednesday was our own Grant Brisbee’s birthday, and the anniversary of this wonderful gif that I created to make the world a better place:

So I say to any of you who have received this from me in the last year and been horrified, as I say about a great many other things, blame Grant.