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Wednesday BP, 10/31/18

Berlin Sea Life Celebrates Halloween Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images

Jon Morosi reported yesterday that the Dodgers’ Farhan Zaidi is possibly on the Giants’ radar in their GM search. He also went on to add that the Giants could be hiring two roles: baseball ops president and GM.

The slow play of the hiring definitely feels like the result of the team waiting for the World Series and, which means that Zaidi is certainly a strong possibility for their search list. Morosi added on MLB Network Radio this morning that the team is eager to make a ““big splash” with this hire, and Grabbing the architect of the Dodgers’ recent run of extreme success would certainly be exactly that.

Maybe Zaidi has been the target all along — again, that fits with the slow play of this entire process. He knows how to juggle a roster, devise systems that can factor in payroll, player health, organizational depth, and putting advantages. He has been a critical factor in the A’s and Dodgers development over the past decade. There is a lot to like about him as a candidate.

Of course, all the Dodgers have to do is say no to the interview request, as Zaidi is still under contract.

I wonder how much person personnel scouting Brian Sabean Will do next week at the GM meetings. It will be a great chance for him to get a feel for people they might interview in the coming weeks, and if he feels more comfortable around certain people than others, you have to imagine that gives them a leg up for the process.

Baseball is a relationship business, after all.

In the meantime, since it is Halloween, I thought we could all discuss who the spookiest or scariest GM replacement might be. I was going to go with former players, because that seems like the most terrifying way of saying that your team is sticking with the old school. To my mind, that means Jeff Kent Would be a scary higher. Could you imagine Jeff Kent running a baseball team?