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Wednesday BP, 10/24/18

Pittsburgh Pirates v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

That was the perfect game for Giants fans last night. Eduardo Nunez delivering the kill shot against our most hated rival and the Dodgers’ best players floundering… it was bliss.

It was also just one game.

Still, let us bask in the trolling from beyond the “grave” by Bobby Evans. His 2018 deals didn’t setup the team to be spoilers over the final month of the season, but last year’s sole move did. #ForeverGiant

For a night, the Dodgers looked a little bit like how the Brewers did in the previous series, where no matter what Milwaukee did, the Dodgers stood strong and simply overwhelmed them. Boston has so much talent that they just might be able to withstand every best punch Los Angeles throws at them.

That has to feel extraordinarily frustrating and seems to defy the baseball logic that anything can happen in any game. Still, a 108-win team should, as a matter of course, be able to flex and shove in exactly this way.