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Weekend BP 10/19-10/21/18

Community and LCS chat here!

Philadelphia Phillies v San Francisco Giants, Game 4 Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

This weekend marks the eight-year anniversary of Jeff Sullivan’s work of art, “Some Thoughts On Game 4 Of The NLCS”, which includes this memorable moment —

— perfectly capturing a memorable game.

If you don’t have the 2010 World Series Blu-ray, you can always watch that game via the ol’ YouTube:

In the meantime, this weekend will conclude the NLCS, and while we’re all hoping for Not Dodgers vs. Red Sox, it seems pretty clear that we’re getting the Dodgers vs. Red Sox.

That’s not ideal, but the good news is that Boston has a strong chance of beating the Dodgers, who have simply withstood every body blow and intense shove by the Brewers.

Then again, maybe the Brewers will surprise us and pick themselves up off the mat to take the final two games of the series. Seems highly unlikely, but I’m going to hold out hope (sorry, Milwaukee — that means you’re doomed).

This BP will serve as both a BP and the weekend game threads, so be sure to thread your food and argument discussions appropriately.