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Tuesday BP, 10/16/18

Colorado Rockies v San Francisco Giants Photo by Jeff Chiu-Pool/Getty Images

Will Leitch of put out a list of each franchise’s best playoff performance of all time. Though I suppose “all time” is relative, considering the oldest inclusion is from 1970 and only a handful are before the 1990s.

Still, I bet you can’t guess who tops the list for the Giants.

Haha, of course you can. It’s Madison Bumgarner in 2014, obviously. Of this seemingly obvious choice, Leitch says:

“This is an obvious pick, but at this point I’d like to remind you that Barry Bonds put up a .356/.581/.978 in 2002.”

It then includes a highlight video, if you’re feeling nostalgic.

There’s recently been some rampant speculation about Bryce Harper’s use of social media and what it means for his upcoming free agency decision. Hopeful Giants fans have combed through his Twitter and Instagram accounts to find everything he’s ever said about the Bay Area to try to convince themselves and others that they mean he wants to come to San Francisco.

Bryce Harper is not coming to San Francisco. Sure, he may come on vacation. Maybe he’ll visit with whatever team he signs with next season, assuming it’s a team that faces the Giants.

I know that it’s fun to speculate, and it’s still a free country (for now). But if Bryce Harper signs with the Giants, I will get his number tattooed on my arm. I have zero tattoos and zero interest in ever acquiring any tattoos and a somewhat heightened dislike for needles. That is how sure I am that he isn’t going to be a Giant.

Your move, Bryce.

There’s also been talk of the Giants possibly trading for Sonny Gray. The same Sonny Gray who didn’t make the Yankees’ postseason roster and has had just an awful downfall since being traded to New York. The theory being that he would be reunited with Curt Young and maybe that would fix whatever’s not working for him, similar to Derek Holland’s turnaround this season which he credited to Young. Also, I would assume that not pitching in Yankee Stadium might help as well.

The GM for the Yankees, Brian Cashman, has openly said that they are eager to trade him, and Alex Pavlovic lays out a case for why the Giants should be interested.

What do you think?