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Championship Series Weekend Playoff MadnessThread

Dodgers-Brewers! Red Sox-Astros!

MLB: NLCS-Workouts Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Mmmmm, let’s take a moment to inhale the aroma of last night’s miracle.

And let’s give a moment of silence to The Narrative. We now know for sure that Clayton Kershaw is a bad pitcher in the postseason. The meanest among you will want to call him a choker or choke artist or reach into your own self-loathing to project onto him to make him out to be inadequate human being. Clayton Kershaw doesn’t owe the Dodgers good performances in the postseason — he’s only really getting paid for the regular season.

Then again, Melvin Upton Jr. makes a great point:

Some players can handle the postseason and some players can’t. Seems fair to me.

Neither the Brewers nor the Astros have lost a postseason game. Will that change this weekend?

NLCS Game 2: Dodgers at Brewers
Saturday, Oct 13
First pitch - 1:09pm Pacific

Hyun Jin-Ryu (7-3, 1.97 ERA) vs. Wade Miley (5-2, 2.57 ERA)

Ryu last pitched against the Brewers in 2013!

Miley faced the Dodgers twice this season (both starts in July) and struck out seven, walked four in 13 innings, allowing only one unearned run. Miley also hasn’t pitched more than five innings in his last five starts. Of course, the Brewers will be relying on their stellar bullpen.


Oh, and don’t forget!

ALCS Game 1: Astros at Red Sox
Saturday, Oct 13
First pitch - 5:09pm Pacific

Justin Verlander (16-9, 2.52 ERA) vs. Chris Sale (12-4, 2.11 ERA)

Let’s take a moment to marvel at some counting stats. In 214 innings, Justin Verlander struck out 290 and walked 37. Chris Sale walked only 34, that was in 158 innings. He struck out 237, though. Yes, Sale’s 13.5 K/9 led MLB (when adjusted to a minimum of 150 innings). Verlander was fourth at 12.20. As for another rate stat: Sale and Verlander were 1-2 in K%, with 38.4% asnd 34.8%, respectively. Tomorrow’s starter, Gerrit Cole, was fourth in MLB at 34.5%. It must be pretty cool to strike out more than a third of the batters you face.


ALCS Game 2: Astros at Red Sox
Sunday, Oct 14
First pitch - 4:09pm Pacific

Gerrit Cole (15-5, 2.88 ERA) vs. David Price (16-7, 3.58 ERA)