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Watch: Hunter Pence cleans out his locker for the last time in San Francisco

What exactly does one hold onto over the course of a season? Especially their final season in the city that changed it all?

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants Photo by Robert Reiners/Getty Images

Hunter Pence’s wife Alexis does a video on her YouTube channel at the end of every season that shows what Hunter collected throughout the year. This usually highlights some of the more fun moments or giveaways of the season, but this year it was a little more poignant.

Throughout the video, the Pences talk about some of the strange and not so strange things that a baseball player gathers during a season. Ranging from the normal (endless supplies of batting gloves and socks) to the not so normal (holy underwear), the sentimental (a personalized jersey from Pablo Sandoval) and the poignant (Hunter’s gear from his last games, including dirt from the field, the last ball he hit and the last ball he caught as a Giant.)

When discussing the “lasts” of the season, they make certain to only say “the last _____ of the 2018 season” because of course, he intends to keep playing. But there is an undertone that is implied. These are all of the lasts of Hunter’s time as a San Francisco Giant. And while he held it together just fine, I certainly teared up.

I like to imagine that after they finished this video, Hunter gazed around the clubhouse, walked out onto the empty field, looked up into the the stands and had a moment channeling his inner Harry Potter (at least the YouTube version) in saying his final goodbyes.

On a final note, it looks like he set aside some pretty cool items to give away, so make sure you are following the Pences on their social media for more information about those and to see what they get up to next.