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Thursday BP, 10/11/18

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Today is Jon Miller’s birthday! Our legendary broadcaster has blessed us with another year of his presence and we are lucky for every minute of every game he calls. Especially in these times of terrible baseball. Jon and Dave can make even the dullest of shutout losses more tolerable by their banter and Jon’s ability to tell you something you didn’t know about a lengthy and varied number of topics.

Here’s Jon reliving his now infamous home run call for Buster Posey....’s good friend, Hunter Pence.

And this delightful call of Madison Bumgarner’s home run against the Cardinals.

Feel free to share your favorite moments of Jon Miller brilliance in the comments below.

There is no baseball today, there was no baseball yesterday. This is a travesty. Not one division series went five games, and two were sweeps. And I think I could be okay with this overall if the Dodgers hadn’t won. But now the prolonged torture of watching the Dodgers in the playoffs continues, as well as the endless pondering of “Is this going to be the year?”

I hope not. But who knows. A Dodgers/Red Sox World Series sure would be....something. The Red Sox might be the only team I have faith in to actually beat the Dodgers (despite the fact that Houston did it last year. I’d rather not have a re-match of THAT particular series, thank you very much.)

The good news is that baseball is back tomorrow. The bad news is that there it seems like there isn’t a lot of rooting interest in any of the teams left in the fight. Aside from the not-Dodgers. The actual Dodgers will take on the Brewers for the NLCS and the Red Sox will challenge the Astros, the reigning champions from last year, for the ALCS.

Until then, you can get a start on arguing about the Hall of Fame ballot, if you want:

Of course, this isn’t the official ballot, just a possible one. But I know many people like to debate this topic with the voracity of NBA Twitter debating who the MVP will be two weeks into the season, so here you go.

In some off-season Giants updates, Ray Black got married this week:

Also, Kristen and Buster Posey are working with Localive to crowdfund money for their foundation to fund pediatric cancer research. You can check that out here:

Ron Wotus made an appearance to help out with players and coaches of the Rincon Valley Little League Fall Ball in Santa Rosa yesterday.

This comes on the heels of the anniversary of the terrible fires that devastated Santa Rosa and other areas of the North Bay last year. If you’re looking to do some good with your money and get out of town, they are still trying to boost their tourism numbers. So maybe this weekend you can take a drive up through Napa and Sonoma Counties and shop at some local businesses.