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Monday BP, 10/1/18

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants Photo by Robert Reiners/Getty Images

General housekeeping: the site will not be posting quite as much during the offseason, but we’ll keep doing these BP threads. However, Friday BPs will now been weekend BPs.

Meanwhile, the Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo mentioned in a post last night that Ben Cherington could be a GM candidate:

It would appear the San Francisco job is more in line with what Cherington wants, but geography may also play a role, as Cherington has a home in New York.

Like the Mike Rizzo rumor, this reads and feels a lot like speculation, in the same universe as the Jean Afterman post I did last week. In that instance, I was making a proposal. I think Nick Cafardo is doing sort of the same thing, although he’s obviously far more informed than I — he’s just not specifically saying where and how he’s heard what or even making a statement of where the information is coming from —

Two names that have also surfaced for the Giants GM job are Brewers assistant GM Matt Arnold and Royals assistant GM Scott Sharp.

Jon Morosi sort of mentions Scott Sharp in this tweet and Matt Arnold’s name really just pops up in this Giants Prospects tweet (you should also follow GPT for all your prospect and scouting department news) and this post on Around the Foghorn. Perhaps Cafardo is just referencing those or there are rumblings in a talkative industry. Thing is, Giants usually keep their internal machinations quiet so it seems unlikely we’d hear of anything until they start requesting interviews.

Of course I’ve been wrong before and I’ll be wrong again, and as the Giants have just opened up one of the most desirable sports jobs in the western hemisphere, there will be a lot of conflicting reports and rumors coming in the very near future. The Giants want to have the hiring settled before the GM meetings in November and very likely before the end of the World Series or just before free agency begins (someone will have to decide whether or not Bumgarner’s option gets picked up).

Ideally, I want to just do one more suggestion post — for Kim Ng, provided I can find a picture of her in the SB Nation-approved photo tool — and then start doing posts once we get a shortlist or confirmed interviewees. That’s probably wishful thinking, but that’s never hurt a baseball writer...

In the meantime, who do you want to become the Giants’ new Baseball Overlord and why?