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Buy this Andrew McCutchen shirt

You. Yes, you.

Hello, it’s me again. I’m the guy who shows up every few months and asks you to buy shirts. I would like to inform you that there is another shirt for you to buy. It’s in honor of Andrew McCutchen, and it includes a nod to my favorite novel of all-time. It looks like this, and you should buy it:

That font is not accidental, people!

The only difference is that the little McCutchen doesn’t look like he’s running into the center field wall, but it’s a fine homage otherwise.

These fine shirts are MLBPA-approved, so McCutchen will get at least some sort of compensation, which is nice, but you should be more worried about me, who makes only half of what he makes. This is important because it means I will also get compensation. This is why you should buy one of these shirts.

Again, you should buy one of these Andrew McCutchen shirts. It’s a good shirt for an exciting Giant, and you’ll be the first on your block.

Please be the first on your block.

My child needs violin lessons. I mean, shoes. She also needs shoes.

Buy this shirt.