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McCovey Chroncast #68: Is Tim Lincecum Dead?

It’s a fair question for a dumb podcast to ask. Nobody seems to know where he is or wants to say where he is.

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MLB: Boston Red Sox at Los Angeles Angels
We need proof of life.
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First, it's important to remember that the views presented on the McCovey Chroncast do not reflect the views of Grant Brisbee, SB Nation, Vox Media, most of the commenters on this site, or (and especially) the San Francisco Giants...

Now that that's out of the way...

I'm back. And, it is with a heavy heart that I must announce that I am at it again. Yes, I, the most negative human being ever born, have used portions of this podcast to be negative about the San Francisco Giants organization... in the form of swears. Don't worry, they're bleeped swears -- it's just one word in particular, used repeatedly -- and only directed at certain individuals in the abstract, as in, "this is what I would say to people in the organization who want to use their second best hitter as a scapegoat for one of the worst seasons in franchise history." So, take from that what you will.

But, beyond that, be prepared for the first 10 minutes or so to just be a lot of me talking at Sami and Doug as I catch myself up on the Giants after a long absence and finally get a platform to exhaust all the dumb ideas I’ve built up about them during the time away. Oh, and there was a sound problem on my end regarding Sami & Doug's signal, so, they will sound a little soft — again, just in the first 10 minutes or so. After that, the audio for all parties is normalized and easy to hear.

In that time, we speculate as to the whereabouts of former Giant Tim Lincecum, the subject of an intriguing article in the San Jose Mercury News last week. Also also, my new kitten is playing with her ball in the background for a bit, if you're wondering what that batted ball sound in the background is all about. She never plays with that ball, either. But she waited until I started recording. Haha, cats. They're the worst.

And, because we recorded this before Clayton Kershaw threw a pitch on Sunday, we recorded our predictions for his final pitching line before the game. ROAST US IN THE COMMENTS. We also your Twitter questions, which all, conveniently, were variations on the same question. Oh, but before that, we try to figure out just where Tim Lincecum might be, since nobody can seem to find him.

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