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Come to Pitch Talks SF!

Or, you could listen to Henry Schulman and me talk about why the Giants are so bad.

Texas Rangers v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Hello, and welcome to Grant’s weekly suggestion on how you should spend your money! In today’s episode, I’ll explain why you should pay $25 to listen to me speak, when you can just stand out in front of my house and yell at me for free. Well, I’ll tell you: because this way is much more comfortable for everyone involved.

And it’s not just me! You can even skip me and still arrive in time for the main event, which is a Q&A with Giants GM Bobby Evans, who is surprisingly candid for someone in his position. If you’re used to the tight-lipped Brian Sabean years, it’s a huge contrast to have a GM actually answer questions. That’s not a complaint about Sabean, either, because I understood his reticience, but it sure is different.

a Q&A with Giants VP of Baseball Operations, Yeshayah Goldfarb! (Evans had to cancel at the last second for a very, very good reason, but I’m pretty sure Goldfarb can give us some goods.)

Here’s the full lineup:

This year’s Pitch Talks is being held at the Independent on Divisadero St. like last year’s, and the schedule goes like this:

Sarris, Leroux, Middlekauff, and Ramos — WHO WAS MADE FAMOUS BY ME, I DID THIS, I’M WHOLLY RESPONSIBLE FOR WHATEVER PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS WILL FOLLOW, ME — will talk about the Future of Sports. That’s a varied panel covering different sports, and I’m super interested to listen to it.

Then comes a panel with me and Schulman, and while it’s titled the “Giants Beat Panel,” I’m assuming that’s a reference to them losing a lot, because I’m not a beat writer. Let this be your regular reminder that I get to make this stuff up while he’s actually working. The panel will be moderated by Therese Viñal, too, which means it will be filled with Spaceballs references and ... well, Spaceballs is kind of all she’s got, but at least she uses the best references.

Then it’s Viñal and Goldfarb with a one-on-one Q&A session that will be opened up to the audience. So if you have questions for him ...

Why Pablo Sandoval?

... you’ll get a chance ...

So what’s the deal with Pablo Sandoval?

... toward the end of the panel.

Hi, this is a two-parter: First, are you serious about Pablo Sandoval, and second, no, really, are you serious?

The doors open at 7:30 and, sorry, but it’s 21 and over because of the venue. To make up for it, I promise to buy whatever alcohol my under-21 friends would like and give it to them outside of the show, unless there are laws prohibiting that, which I’ll have to check on.

So come join us! It’s Pitch Talks SF, and it should be a lot of fun. I’ll see some of you there. The good ones.