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Let’s talk about Sam Dyson’s eternal love for his cat, Snuckles

Is this the best story of the season? Yes. Yes, it is.

I don’t know much about Sam Dyson. He’s apparently a very, very quiet guy when it comes to reporters and the like, and he’s probably still adjusting to his new team. More power to him, I say. His job is to pitch, not be a smiling fount of post-game cliches if he doesn’t want to be.

But I’ve discovered one thing about Dyson: He loves his cat, Snuckles. He loves him more than most people love their cats. And that makes Dyson one of my new favorites in the Giants’ clubhouse.

You can see the main picture for the entire post up there, and it’s courtesy of Snuckles’ Instagram account, which is apparently the newest must-follow Giants account. In it, we have Dyson holding Snuckles on the field of AT&T Park, beaming proudly while Snuckles stares hot death into distance, as cats do when they’re held. It’s a picture that I’ll never have with my cat, and it makes me incredibly jealous.

However, this picture (brought to my attention by a pair of valued Twitter users) is just the start. Snuckles is a danged star. Here he is, snuggling with a sleepy Dyson.

Please notice the shirt that Dyson is wearing, which reads, “CAT DADDY AF.” If you’re an old, you might need a translation. The “AF” stands for “as f***,” and that’s not just a shirt that appears in your drawer one day. You have to seek that shirt out. And if it were the only Snuckles-themed shirt Dyson owned, I would be thoroughly impressed.

That is not the only Snuckles-themed shirt Dyson owns.

Probably @snuckles47 favorite day ever : @punkpoint #cats #catsofinstagram #baseball #family

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AHHHHHHH. That is a beautiful picture, and I’m incredibly proud of Dyson buying into this so completely. The dog-first orthodoxy of modern masculinity is tearing us apart, people. We need more strong role models like this to tell the world, yes, there is nothing wrong with a cat who wears little bow ties. There are only things that are right.

Snuckles is no stranger to the ballpark, either.

If I brought my cat to my daughter’s softball game, he would scratch my face, run away, and rise from the dead in 80 years to bite my ashes. And that’s with my cat being a very chill, good cat. The amount of chill with Snuckles is off the charts, and oh my gosh he’s wearing a little necktie here kitty kitty here kitty kitty.

Giants fans were already lucky when it comes to players and their cats, with the amazing Skeeter and Matt Duffy giving us plenty to talk about. But if the Curse of Skeeter is real, let us hope that the Salvation of Snuckles is also real. Because this cat is awesome, and I’m just giddy at the discovery. Fine work, Dyson family.

Fine work, and here kitty kitty here kitty kitty.