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The Giants are hiring a baseball operations analyst

Alternate headline: The Giants are hiring a stat nerd, dummies.

Alex Rodriguez Donates Computers To Chicago Boys And Girls Clubs Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

I’m not usually in the business of amplifying the Giants’ job requests, but this one seems important. You might be a smart person. The Giants need more smart people. So quit your job building rockets or teaching children to work for them. Simple!

The job title is Baseball Operations Analyst, and the description of the gig is available on the Giants’ website:

The San Francisco Giants are seeking an Analyst to join the Baseball Operations department. This individual will be part of the analytics team and provide research and analysis to support front office, player development, and scouting staffs. This position will also work closely with the application development team to design and develop statistical models and tools using advanced data sources within new and existing applications. The ideal candidate will possess strong analytical skills, the ability to communicate effectively to non-technical people, and both passion and intellectual curiosity for the game of baseball.

Possible tasks might include ...

  • Figuring out how the Giants can hit more home runs
  • Exploring the Giants’ lack of power
  • Statistically detailing just how many games the Giants would win if they hit home runs
  • Implementing statistical models to improve the power of current Giants players
  • Draft analysis in a search for amateur power
  • Retroactively explaining the Jose Guillen move

Here are some of the qualifications:

Bachelor's degree in computational field, such as statistics, engineering, computer science, or applied math

Proficiency with SQL and relational databases (Microsoft SQL preferred)

Strong quantitative abilities, attention to detail, and existing knowledge of baseball analytics

Experience with additional programming languages (e.g. R, Python) is strongly preferred

Understanding of statistical modeling and machine learning techniques

Let’s see ... check, check, check ... check, and check. I basically wrote SQP. But I have a job, whereas you might be looking for one.

So if you’re smart, capable, and willing, apply! The hours will be unfathomable and the pay won’t be great, but imagine your satisfaction when dorks like me make fun of the moves you advocated for. The circle of life!