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Why you should be hecka into this weekend’s series vs. the Cardinals

This isn’t a series preview, per se, but more of a series of points about why this weekend’s series against the Cardinals might be worth your valuable time.

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NLCS - St Louis Cardinals v San Francisco Giants - Game Five
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Your money and time are valuable and there’s really no sense in throwing it away to watch the corpse of a dead team get beaten to dust by other teams,


Did you know that the Giants are in a position to knock the Cardinals out of a postseason spot?

St. Louis rolls into AT&T Mausoleum at 66-66, six games back of first place in the NL Central and five and a half games back of the 2nd Wild Card spot. They really need to sweep the Giants to maintain their faint playoff chances (BP gives them a 13.7% chance as of this morning), and sweeping the Giants is not the difficult task it once was. A team of MSNBC’s Chris Hayes would be able to do it at this point and there’s simply nothing valuable or interesting about anyone wearing a Giants uniform these days.


It’s you, the dedicated Giants fan who’s wearing that Giants uniform, not because you’re paid to, but because you still want to, and you want to support this barren team that’s going nowhere forever and ever because you believe in the Idea of Baseball, that anything can happen, that a talentless team of some of the very worst players in their sport today who can’t hit for power or play good defense or pitch very well (presumably because of that poor defense) can still, every so often, beat a better team. In this case, that better team is literally any other team in the league, but this weekend, that team is the St. Louis Cardinals.

And remember, the Cardinals are loathsome.

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Is tonight’s Madison Bumgarner vs. Michael Wacha not quite your speed for some odd reason? Say no more, fam. Tomorrow, you’ve got the return of Johnny Cueto, who’s facing off against Jack Flaherty, making his major league debut and is definitely not just a random computer-generated prospect from a Baseball Mogul sim.

The Giants are tremendously bad against all pitchers, but especially those they haven’t seen before. Jack Flaherty could probably throw a 90-pitch shutout,


If you believe in the Idea of Baseball and if you agree that the St. Louis Cardinals are loathsome, then you have the chance to watch Gorkys Hernandez lead the Giants to knocking this franchise down a peg and really kill their chances to make the postseason. Chris Stratton has been fun to watch and Jeff Samardzija has been solid all season, so the Giants have the pitching in place to stay in the game... theoretically. Too bad there’s literally no offense to help these arms, but that’s why this is an interesting series. The Giants have demonstrated a propensity for having the Cardinals’ number.

Save a three-game series against the White Sox in Chicago, the rest of September is just going to be games against the boring NL West (boring because, as Grant said in last night’s recap, “They’re now 20-36 against the NL West, which is even worse than their overall winning percentage. They’re even worse against the Padres, Diamondbacks, Rockies, and Dodgers than they are against the rest of baseball, if that makes you feel better. Which it doesn’t.”), which means that this is definitely, without a doubt, the last interesting series the 2017 Giants will play this season.

Don’t be fooled by prognosticators, imitators, and the Dodgers rivalry. The Giants — yes, these Giants — have one last chance to play spoiler to a playoff hopeful. That team is the St. Louis Cardinals, a team you definitely do not want to make the postseason under any circumstances. You could spend some of your Labor Day weekend relaxing,


you could watch the Cardinals labor against Nick Hundley and Kelby Tomlinson day after day, night after night, and at the end of it all, they’re exhausted, humiliated, and too far back to show up on our TVs in October.

Only StubHub’s pricing schemes will allow you to be there in person to make the chef kissing fingers when the Giants sweep the Cardinals. Don’t let that chance slip away.

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