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Hey, friend, you should go to the Giants game tonight

And don’t forget to buy tickets on StubHub

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Philadelphia Phillies v San Francisco Giants
Maybe you’ll see a play like this, whatever this is
Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

So the two worst teams in the National League are playing in San Francisco tonight, and I’m here to tell you to buy tickets to the game on StubHub. “Why would I do this?” you might be asking, and it’s a fair question. Last time I StubHubbed some content at you, I told you why it’s okay going to a stupid loss sometimes, because even stupid losses can be fun and memorable in their own way. But why, specifically, should you go to games in this series, with the Phillies?

If only I could write some reasons to do that as headers in an article on a Giants blog and then expand on them with paragraphs of explanation. If only...

The Phillies are young

On the one hand, there’s no way to know when the Phillies will be good again or if any of their current players will be around for that. On the other hand, if it’s soon, well, there’s only one player on the active roster who’s over 30 years old (old man Andres Blanco!), so a lot of these guys will probably still be around for a while. And they’ve recently called up three of their top eight prospects according to John Sickels: Jorge Alfaro, Rhys Hoskins, and Nick Williams. Now, none of those guys are guaranteed to amount to anything (though they’ve all been doing well in their limited time in the big leagues), but if one of them does, you’ll have the chance to tell people, “Man, I saw Alfaro the first time he came to San Francisco, and I knew he was gonna be a star.” They’ll never know he went 0 for 4 with 3 weak groundouts and a pop up! They’ll think you’re some fancypants baseball fan. That’s pretty cool.

You can watch Ryder Jones and Jarrett Parker firsthand

If the Giants are going to compete again at any time in the near future, they need players they’ve developed in the minors to contribute. And while a lot of those players have been hit with injury or are struggling in AAA, the two we’ve got in the majors right now who can play pretty much every day are Jones and Parker. Jones struggled in his first stint in the majors, but since he’s been back he’s been doing a lot better at the plate, and this weekend against the Phillies could be his breakout series. I mean, probably not, but it’s possible. And Parker might be very boom or bust at the plate, but take it from someone who watched him hit three homers in a game in Oakland: you want to be there when he booms.

Prices are reasonable

But let’s go deeper than that! I mean, maybe these are just the bad seats, right? It’s not like you can get anything good for $6. (Note: I took these screenshots and wrote this article yesterday afternoon, so these particular deals might be gone, but it is overwhelmingly likely there will be others.)

These all include StubHub fees, because I’ve got your back here, people. Also, these deals are nuts. $10 View Box? $30 Premium Lower Box right behind home plate? $50 Field Club right behind home plate? You can’t afford not to do it!*

*We have been informed that you can, in fact, afford not to do it. We apologize for the error

Because Buster Posey is still on this team, dammit

Has the team had a good or even acceptably mediocre year? No. Does that mean you should pass up an opportunity to see Buster Posey play baseball for the Giants while still in his prime? It does not. Even if the team is better next year, there’s no guarantee that Posey’s decline won’t start in 2018 and then instead of hearing about how great of a player he is, we’ll have to hear about his presence and his leadership and how that makes up for his poor numbers. Well, you don’t have to wait for 2018. You can and should go see Buster Posey and the rest of the Giants play tonight.

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