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Tim Lincecum’s agent was with the Giants in Miami

Baseless Timmy hype. Get your sweet, sweet Timmy hype here.

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants
Look at this picture. You know you want to see this man get his parting respect from the fans in San Francisco.
Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Look, there’s almost nothing to this story. Let’s get that out of the way right now. Andrew Baggarly tweeted that Tim Lincecum’s agent was at the game on Tuesday night in Miami.

However, Baggarly also noted that Lincecum’s agent also represents Hunter Pence and Pablo Sandoval. So there are very good reasons for them to be there that have nothing to do with Timmy.

Baggarly noted that his agent said that he is still keeping in shape and hoping to pitch again. But that doesn’t in any way imply interest on the Giants’ part.

However, considering the Giants record for sentimentality, that doesn’t have to stop us from wildly speculating about a reunion.

Look, I know you’re about to groan and unfurl your list of grievances with this, but hear me out.

I said hear me out!

The world is a very dark and scary place at the moment. Even putting aside the formerly pointy-hood wearing and full-arm saluting elephants marching through the room, things suck pretty bad just in terms of the Giants. But a Tim Lincecum in our dugout would be a little bit of a light to help guide us through the darkness.

Proof: The last known public photograph of Timothy Leroy Lincecum, taken in San Francisco on January 21st, 2017:

finita_pita via Instagram

And sure, Lincecum has not pitched professionally in over a year. And yes, that was the tail end of a fairly disastrous stint with the Angels where he ended his short season with a frightful ERA of 9.16. All of this is true.

But come on, Lincecum is one of the feel-good ones. Akin to the Michael Morses and Travis Ishikawas of the world, but with even more happy memories. Sure he made his money and then some, but he’s not looking for money now. He wants to play so why not let him?

He didn’t leave on bad terms. He hasn’t been accused of any repugnant crimes. He hasn’t stuck his foot in his mouth online or with the media. He’s one of the good ones. This is a feel good reunion that is fun for the whole family!

And let’s face it, this team can hardly get any worse so what is there to look forward to for the remainder of this season? The star players are getting hurt. The prospects are getting hurt. And the Giants are about two wild pitches and a balk from ending this season as the worst team in baseball. What better time for a reunion tour with the old band?

And if you’re pro-tank, you cannot possibly be against this scenario. At best, he surprises everyone and has a good few performances, leading to another team deciding to give him a shot next year. At worst? You get your precious draft pick.

I was at his last start as a Giant. I bought a ticket the night before on a whim, drove the three hours it takes to get there, all because I feared it would be his last start. And I was correct, as things stand now. There was no fanfare, no one realized the moment. He had a rough start, took a come-backer off of D.J. LeMahieu, and that was it for his career as a Giant.

I know I can’t be alone in yearning for closure at the very least.

Give me Tim Lincecum reunion night. Give me a retirement ceremony in September. Inject the gifs straight into my veins.

And from a business standpoint, I’m guessing a lot of people will happily pay more money than they are paying now to show their last respects to Timmy the Giant.

All of that said, this has been rampant speculation and wishful thinking and is in no way to be construed as actual news or even a rumor with merit.

But oh, wouldn’t it be nice.