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Miguel Gomez called up, Chris Stratton sent down

The move is likely temporary because of Stratton’s emergency start, but at least we’ll get to watch a new player!

San Francisco Giants Photo Day Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Miguel Gomez is coming up to the Giants, and he will likely hang around for three games and then go back to Sacramento. But we’ll have those three games. Don’t take those away from us.

Gomez was already on the 40-man roster, and the Giants had a choice: Play the next three games with Chris Stratton being unavailable to pitch because of his emergency start on Thursday, option him for another pitcher, or option him for a hitter on the 40-man roster. They made the wise choice, bringing up the switch-hitting Gomez for a little extra bench depth.

Gomez is a fascinating contradiction of a prospect. He’s always been old for his level, not making out of Rookie League until he was 22, and he doesn’t have a defined position, having started at catcher and getting turns at first, second, and third over the last two seasons. But he’s always hit, and it’s a very specific, defined type of hitting. He hits for average. He hits doubles. He doesn’t like to walk. And he doesn’t strike out a lot. Combine that with his switch-hitting, and what do you have?


Heck, yeah. Except the analogy breaks down when you realize that Gomez is 24, and Sandoval was already in his fourth major-league season when he was that age. Still, I enjoy watching free swingers who don’t strike out. Maybe they’re not as valuable as the high-walk players who don’t strike out, but where’s the fun in that? Hopefully Gomez can get at least one start to wow us with his line-drive artistry.

Gomez played mostly second base in the minors this year, but he’s supposed to be a little rough wherever he plays. His best position is “hitter,” and that’s probably how the Giants will use him for the next three days.

After the All-Star break? Probably a pitcher to replace Stratton, I’m guessing. Gomez is in the Giants’ long-term plans enough to add him to the roster last offseason to keep him away from the Rule 5 Draft, but his future with the organization is still unclear. I wouldn’t think he would be a part of an open audition at third base last year. Not yet.

All we need to know right now, though, is that the Giants have a new doubles fetishist on the roster, and hopefully he can go gap-to-gap better than the players who were supposed to be doing that all year. Welcome to the major leagues, Miguel Gomez.