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Open GameThread, 7/6

Chris Stratton will make his MLB starting debut, replacing Johnny Cueto, as the Giants try to take the series from the Tigers and finish off a winning road trip.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

In a last minute move, Chris Stratton will now make his starter's debut, replacing Johnny Cueto, who has an ear infection. Nothing like twenty minutes notice on an early morning game to help curb the jitters.

The early bird lineup for this morning's game in Detroit:

  • Span - CF
  • Panik - 2B
  • Pence - DH
  • Posey - C
  • Belt - 1B
  • Hwang - 3B
  • Crawford - SS
  • Slater - LF
  • Hernandez - RF
  • Stratton - RHP