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Giants win 5-4, secure winning road trip

Winning is very fun, you guys.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

With a sweep of the Pirates and a win against the Tigers, the Giants have a 4-1 road trip with the rubber match in Detroit tomorrow afternoon/morning (time zones, man). The Giants have also won seven of their last ten, which is pretty dang good considering that this season sometimes seems like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic¹.

That’s not to say that today’s game was an easy win, though.

Ty Blach² pitched 6+ innings, pitching to three batters in the 7th, giving up three earned runs, six hits, and allowing one walk while striking out two. At the point when the Tigers scored runs, the Giants already had five across the plate, so it was a matter of the bullpen holding the lead³.

But, of course, the bullpen⁴. George Kontos gave up one run, pitching to one batter in the 7th and allowing an inherited runner to score. Which lead to Steven Okert to enter the game, promptly striking out Alex Avila before, ah, wait okay. Another pitching change. Cory Gearrin this time. This is fine.

What do you mean Gearrin lets another inherited runner score? And lets one of his own runners score?

</long extreme sigh>

Alas, that would be all for the Tigers.

The Giants, of course, have to make it interesting, for they are the 2017 Giants.

On the offensive side, Gorkys Hernandez (???)⁵ went 3-for-5 today with a run scored, thus being the only Giant with a multi-hit game this evening. No, I do not understand it either, but the thing is, it happened.

Austin Slater was thrown out at first base by J.D. Martinez from the outfield, which, is not pretty. The Giants also ran into three double plays in this game. Giants position players have grounded into 63 double plays this season—64 if you count pitchers. This may seem like a lot, but lest you worry, it is actually average in the league and the Toronto Blue Jays have grounded into 87 double plays this season⁶.

Next up for the Giants is a day game at Comerica Park, rounding out the road trip. They’re facing Anibal Sanchez, while Johnny Cueto takes the mound for the Giants. Game starts at 10:10 a.m. in California, which is the most important and best time zone in the planet, contrary to some people’s opinions.

¹ This is the nicest way I could describe this season.

² I would like to state that I am attempting to maintain all objectivity possible by only mentioning Ty Blach’s pitching line and the facts, ma’am, just the facts.

³ I still have little faith in the Giants being competent when it comes to their bullpen, so to see them actually not be completely disastrous was a nice change of pace.

⁴ So despite what I said above, the bullpen is still the bullpen.

⁵ ????????????????????

⁶ This has been your random factoid of the day.