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McCovey Chroncast #61 - Fielding Independence Day

This podcast was recorded when the Giants had a winning streak and George Kontos was an effective reliever, so, if you ignore the outcome of game 1 in Detroit, this holds up 100%. Otherwise, it’s still about 80% on the money.

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MLB: San Francisco Giants at Detroit Tigers
Warplanes: the only appropriate use of the American tax dollar.
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

If you ignore their record, the Giants are playing like a very good team right now with plenty to be excited about. While you care for your frightened dog(s), barbecue various meats, and enjoy America's independence from the Brits, join us as we bask in the good times of a six-game winning streak, the found money quality of new closer Sam Dyson, the coolness of Jae-gyun Hwang, and the fact that Buster Posey is, once again, America's starting catcher.

Has the mood changed with the Giants because of Ken Rosenthal's infamous report on the attitudes inside the clubhouse? Are we truly living in a Mouse Turds Era? Do you think anyone misheard "mouse turd" as "mustard"? Meanwhile, what's going on with the Giants' bullpen in general? We also answer your Twitter questions.

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