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Giants trade rumor: Denard Span is being shopped, but there isn’t a market

This confirms what we already knew, but it’s nice to have the confirmation

Pittsburgh Pirates v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Denard Span is hitting. It’s fun to watch. But he’s not much of a center fielder, and teams have figured that out. That, combined with his high salary, has made him a tough player to trade.

This has been your Denard Span update. It is not new information. But I have a tweet to embed!

There are no holes poked in the deadline box. It’s that last number that’s important — there isn’t a contender that needs a poor defensive center fielder, and Span’s arm won’t play in right field. That means it’s left field or DH, and there just aren’t a lot of options there. We talked about this three days ago, and it looks like nothing has changed.

The more important question is if the Giants should explore trading Span just to ensure they have a strong defensive center fielder year. The Giants’ outfield has the worst DRS in the National League, a below-average UZR, and some of the worst arm ratings in baseball. It’s not a coincidence that Jeff Samardzija shows up on the wrong side of this list:

Even if the Giants wanted to let Span help another team, though, another team would have to be interested. According to Jerry Crasnick that doesn’t seem to be the case. Which we probably should have expected. But here’s a rumor. Put a little mustard on it. Maybe some relish. Force it down. That’s a good fan.