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Eduardo Nuñez traded to Red Sox

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The Giants traded their third baseman to Boston, who needed to fill the hole left by Pablo Sandoval. The circle of life!

Pittsburgh Pirates v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Giants kicked off the 2017 trade season a few days early, dealing Eduardo Nuñez to the Boston Red Sox for two minor-league pitchers. Update: According to Alex Speier, the Giants are getting 22-year-old Shaun Anderson and 17-year-old Gregory Santos.

History will remember the Eduardo Nuñez era as a tough one for the Giants, who have been baseball’s worst team since he arrived. Fans will remember Nuñez as a fun player who did good things with a batting helmet that was two sizes too large. He was one of the better parts of the 2017 season, and I will miss him.

On the other hand: gimme all the pitching prospects.

But Nuñez was a pending free agent, and he was one of the few players the Giants had with trade value, so it was always likely that he would be traded. It’s possible the Giants might even try to re-sign him after the season, albeit unlikely.

I’ll update the post with the names of the pitchers, but I’m assuming they’re two of the very best pitching prospects the Red Sox had. Or not. Either way, we have our first deal of the deadline, and it was the one the Giants absolutely had to make.

Also, when we get the names of the pitchers, it’s absolutely essential that we refer to the trade as:

Eduardo Nuñez


Shaun Anderson
Gregory Santos
Pablo Sandoval
$50 million

This is how it must be. It’s canon.