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Pablo Sandoval isn’t going to be on the San Jose Giants for long

Not necessarily because he’s going to hit his way out, either.

World Series - San Francisco Giants v Kansas City Royals - Game Seven Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Pablo Sandoval is on the San Jose Giants again. It’s still hard to write that sentence without turning into the blinking-stunned-man meme. The last time he was playing in a rehab assignment in San Jose, it was 2013, and the San Francisco Giants only had two lousy championships. Just imagine.

As of Monday morning, Sandoval is 1-for-7 with a walk, which isn’t very exciting. In 81 plate appearances for Triple-A Pawtucket, he had a .558 OPS, which is really unexciting. There’s a chance, a real chance, that Sandoval has lost whatever made him an excellent hitter in the first place.

And it won’t matter when it comes to getting called up by the Giants. The only thing the team is waiting on is an Eduardo Nuñez trade to open up a roster spot and some playing time. They’re not waiting for Sandoval to prove himself. They’re not waiting for more information. They’re just waiting, and they won’t be for long.

This is all speculation, of course. I don’t have any inside information to share. But it’s based on the recent past, and I think the evidence is pretty compelling. It goes a something like ...

Pat Burrell, 2010

It was also a minor-league deal, with Burrell having the ability to opt out after just two weeks.

He was 4-for-16 in Fresno before getting called up. While those four hits included a homer and a double, he wasn’t called up just based on his performance in five games. He was going to come up, regardless.

He came up and hit more homers in 96 games than any Giants hitter will hit this year. While that assumes that Brandon Belt won’t hit three more homers for the rest of the season, I’m okay with that prediction, too.

Jeff Francoeur, 2013

After rocking and rolling to a .571 OPS with the Royals, the Giants knew they absolutely needed Francoeur on their team. He was signed to a minor-league deal, which gave us at least some hope.

Alas, after 18 plate appearances in Fresno — dig that .222/.222/.222 line — he was up with the major league team. I’ll always love how Francoeur had 63 plate appearances in 22 games and scored exactly one run.

The Giants lost the game in which he scored the run, of course.

You can see how the .444 OPS informs what the Giants will do with Sandoval, here. Francoeur didn’t hit his way back to the majors. He was just back in the majors. The same thing is going to happen with Sandoval.

Dan Uggla, 2014

This wasn’t the last minor-league deal, but it was the last one that fits in with this genre. Uggla was 2-for-7 with the Grizzlies after signing, with a double and two walks. He nearly had as many plate appearances for the Giants in Triple-A (nine) as he did with them in the majors (12).

Like Francoeur, Uggla scored only one run as a member of the Giants. That is so much funnier than if he hadn’t scored at all.

The Giants lost the game in which he scored the run, of course.

Let this be a reminder that Dan Uggla has more World Series rings as a member of the Giants than Barry Bonds.

The high-water mark for minor-league plate appearances for a veteran acquired after they were released is 18, and Sandoval might blow past that over the next week. Just be completely aware that he’s coming up, and there isn’t a darned thing you can do about it. And I will say that before the Giants signed him, I was convinced that he’d suffered through two completely miserable, full seasons. But only his 2015 was close to a full season. His last two have been completely injury marred.

Which means that 2015 season might have been a blip, a sample-size gremlin, and he’s been unable to stay on the field long enough to prove himself since then.

Unless he’s just bad now.

We’ll get to find out for ourselves over the next two months, that’s for sure. Eduardo Nuñez will be traded soon, and taking his place will be an old friend. This season just keeps going on, doesn’t it?