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Pirates might plunder the Giants’ booty, but watching them do it in person won’t plunder your wallet

Seeing Andrew McCutchen in person is so much better than watching him on TV. Especially when the TV broadcast will mostly be focused on Giants, none of whom are Andrew McCutchen.

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Milwaukee Brewers v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

The last time the Giants had a meaningful win streak it was only just the beginning of this month. Literally a few weeks ago. It was six games, by the way, and included sweeps of the Rockies (though that was technically the last three games of June) and Pirates (in Pittsburgh no less!). Now the Pirates roll into town at 49-50 but still only three games back of the Cubs for the lead in the NL Central. Facing the Giants should help them in a what would be surprising playoff push, but baseball is weird and maybe the Giants will sweep them again.

Hahahahahahaha, just kidding.

Is this technically a series preview? Eh. Maybe. It’s definitely another ad, though. This time, it’s in support of you heading out to AT&T Park for tonight’s game with Matt Cain facing off against Gerrit Cole. Why is it better to go to the game instead of staying home? Well, for one thing, the ticket prices for a last place team are extraordinarily affordable right now. And, as I mentioned last week, some of your favorite Giants might not be around much longer. But if you need more than affordability and nostalgia to get you into the park, permit me to list the other great reasons to go:

  • Brandon Crawford is 2-for-15 in his career against his brother-in-law, Gerrit Cole. Crawford is in the middle of a dreadful season at the plate and on a team that’s going to be worse than the Pirates for the next few years, giving Cole some extra bragging rights. Crawford needs this. You should be there to cheer him on.
  • You can listen to the radio broadcast while watching the game in person. I’ve said it before, but listening to the KNBR broadcast with Jon Miller & Dave Flemming makes the game experience better. Sitting in the stands and listening to the radio broadcast at the same time? Here’s to feeling good all the time.
  • The Giants have spent $200 million dollars on a disaster movie. You’re already emotionally invested in the characters from their previous adventures, now go out and watch them try to outrun the shockwave of time.
  • Andrew McCutchen.
  • There’s a chance for some roster or lineup chicanery and you can see it live and later tell the tale of the time you saw Buster Posey play third base.
  • So few people are going to the games anymore that it’ll be an intimate experience you won’t be able to duplicate whenever the Giants are good again.
  • With his next complete game, Matt Cain will break his tie with Madison Bumgarner (15 apiece) to tie Bill Phyle (16) for 90th place on the all-time list of complete games pitched in Giants history. Interestingly, Phyle’s 16 career complete games all came in the 1901 season (he went 7-10), his age-26 season, but also, his final major league season (as a pitcher. He’d pop up 5 years later to play third base.)
  • With his next win, Matt Cain will tie Kirk Rueter for most wins all-time in Giants history (105). So, history!
  • With his next strikeout, Matt Cain will pass Carl Hubbell to be #5 on the all-time list of strikeouts pitched in Giants history. Again — history!
  • If Matt Cain manages to give up 20 home runs in tonight’s game, he will tie Carl Hubbell for #2 on the all-time list of home runs allowed in Giants history. hIsToRy!

The Giants have gotten the best of the Pirates for a good long while now, whether that be in a playoff game or via trade, so maybe it’s time for the wheel of fate to finally roll to crush the Giants. - Or - maybe the Giants are destined to get the best of the Pirates. The only way you’ll find out is by going to the game and seeing for yourself.

Really. That’s the only way.

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