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See ‘em while you can!

You might only have a few more chances to see your favorite Giants... or even just the ones you recognize.

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Cleveland Indians v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Let me get this out of the way: this is an ad.

Watching the Giants is like watching an old neighborhood go up in flames. There are plenty of memorable spots turning to ash and parts that never really worked that you don’t mind seeing incinerated, but on the whole it’s a tragedy and a waste... and yet you can’t help look away.

Dave Roth (2007 via

You’re still watching or listening to the games! That’s why you’re reading this site right now and not 3 years ago or 3 years from now when they’ll definitely not be a 100-loss team. You’re still watching or listening to the games because you’re a fan through and through. And you know your time with some of the players on the current roster is winding down. Sure, maybe you don’t have much of an affinity for Jeff Samardzija, Hunter Strickland (oh, you don’t? Here’s a BLOCK), Denard Span, or Eduardo Nunez. But maybe you do...

And maybe, just maybe, they’re not the only dudes who might be moved before the July 31st trade deadline. George Kontos could help another team. Johnny Cueto... okay, well, maybe not him. Conor Gillaspie to the Red Sox just to face Aroldis Chapman? And speaking of the Yankees, even after landing Todd Frazier, they might still be looking to add another first baseman.

San Francisco Giants v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Yeah... yeah.

So, here’s the pitch: go see these guys live. See ‘em one last time before they’re wearing another uniform and become disgusting to look at for that very reason.

But what’s that you say? Baseball tickets are too expensive? Not so with StubHub!

If you wanted to change your Friday night plans of arguing with people on this site in the comments section while the game goes to something else (literally anything else), catching the Giants against the Padres is a cheap enough proposition for you to consider. In a stadium of great views from every seat, $6 for View Reserve and $10 for bleacher seats are great deals. That’s less than a movie ticket! And if you have access to public transit, you can keep costs lower yet.

The very first MLB game I attended was in 1988. I was 7 years old. The Giants hosted the Phillies at Candlestick Park. It was a Friday night. My dad had called my mom during his lunch hour to say that he had gotten tickets from work right behind home plate for that night’s game, so, my mom rescheduled her plan to argue on a phone party line with other Giants fans during the game to make sure she, my dad, and I could get there before first pitch.

Candlestick Park was like watching an old neighborhood go up in flames, but over several decades. Still, I remember walking up to the park and being in awe of it. I had never seen that much concrete go up so high in the sky. As we walked towards the stadium and finally entered, the only thought that filled my mind was, “When do I get to see Will Clark? Will Clark, Will Clark, Will Clark.”

What happened was is that I got to see all the Giants because I was sitting so close. Will Clark went 0-for-4. But I saw him later on after the game and it made up for that. Seeing a baseball game live is so much better than the other options, and if the price is right, why not go for it?

The memory of that first game will stay with me forever and, so, if you’ve never gone to a game or you know a young baseball fan who has never gone to a live game, then add that to your equation and consider taking the plunge. Get there early, watch batting practice, get as close to the field as security/your ticket allows, take in the gorgeous stadium, commiserate with your fellow fans, and just bask in the full experience.

Watching the Giants against the Padres this year is like watching an old neighborhood go up in flames and the fire department is unable to contain it so half the city burns to the ground. But this imaginary city’s tragic loss is your real gain. You’re not going to be able to get view and lower box seats at AT&T Park for $20 (with fees, even!) or less forever, so consider that when you reconsider tonight or even another night’s plans.

Finally, going to the game is better because going to the game gives you a nonzero chance of sitting next to Duane Kuiper.

via MLB Cut4

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