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Dodgers designate Sergio Romo for assignment

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Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

There is no way to properly express my love and admiration for Sergio Romo in a post like this. It’s supposed to be a quick news hit, just something to offer up to the Giants-loving masses. The Dodgers designated Sergio Romo for assignment on Thursday, and I’m just letting you know.

But I have love and admiration for Romo. He was a 28th-round pick who went to Arizona Western College, Colorado Mesa University, and University of Northern Alabama, none of which are exactly pipelines to Major League Baseball. Those three schools have combined to send 15 players to the majors*, and the low draft selection means that he had to work twice as hard to move up. And that’s after working twice as hard at those small schools to get noticed.

From there, he moved up. And up. He had one of the greatest minor league seasons a reliever will ever have, and he kept crawling up the ladder.

From Arizona Western College to striking out an inner-circle Hall of Famer for a World Series championship.

Happens all the time, really.

Romo will always, always, always be one of my favorite all-time Giants. It’s one part origin story, one part actual success. He was so good for so long. His slider was magical. If you don’t believe me, I’m gonna dump some GIFs on you.

romo side

That doesn’t even include the commercial GIFs.


Or the reaction GIFs.

romo grin

This brings us to the obvious question in the post-post-Panda era: Do the Giants sign him if the Dodgers can’t work out a trade?


I mean, probably no.

Aw, heck, I love this guy so much, if the Giants manage to swing trades for prospects and deal three of their current relievers, sure. If they get value for Hunter Strickland, George Kontos, and Cory Gearrin, then, yes, make Doug’s dream come true, because I’d rather watch Romo and two rookies than just three rookies.

If the Giants are keeping even one of those pitchers, though, it’s probably not the best fit. Not right now. Not with the Giants’ 40-man roster being full. Not with the miserable season just getting more miserably.

Also, there’s the minor point where Romo has been absolutely dreadful this year, and how it’s always been a small margin for error with him and his fastball, and how the high-homer era has been murder on him.

But even if there’s no reunion, even if an appreciation post is all we have, let’s just remember how much fun Sergio Romo was. And then he went to the Dodgers and attempted to make them lose more, even if they were impervious to any of the regular charms and spells.

There is probably no reunion coming. All that we know is that Romo isn’t likely to appear as a Dodgers reliever again, and that we love him so. Best of luck in the future, Sergio. Especially if that future is as a Nationals reliever striking out Yasiel Puig on three pitches in the NLCS.

* Romo is one. Bengie Molina and Cody Ransom are two of the others, hold on, i need a glass of water