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Reminder that the Giants haven’t officially signed Pablo Sandoval yet

It’s coming. Unless it isn’t.


The Giants are totally going to sign Pablo Sandoval to a minor-league deal. This will be stranger than when they re-signed Russ Ortiz. This will be stranger than the second and third tours of duty for Shawon Dunston (and fourth, if you include the coaching). This will be even stranger than Ryan Vogelsong.

But it’s not a done deal yet. Let Sandoval himself remind you:

"I'm waiting for Friday to make a decision, and the Giants are one of my options," Sandoval told ESPN's Marly Rivera by phone. "I have a few teams interested, but I can't make a decision until Friday."

I’ve learned something from this whole mess. When a player is designated for assignment, he has to pass through revocable waivers. Once he does that, the player can be released, which Sandoval was. But after he’s released, he has to pass through release waivers, which, I don’t know, is a sequence that made sense to someone somewhere once. That means Sandoval can’t technically make a decision until Friday.

Which means the Giants haven’t officially done anything, and Sandoval is quick to note that he has a few teams interested. Before you laugh, remember that he’s a 30-year-old former All-Star who will be paid the league minimum. That’ll pique everyone’s interest.

What’s more is that the Giants might have been exploring a Pablo Sandoval reunion because they thought it would be a refreshing sip of nostalgia tea in a lost season, and they might have been surprised at the blowback they’ve received on social media. While it’s an internet truism that the loudest voices absolutely do not have to represent the majority, there might have been enough criticism to make them rethink their cost-benefit analysis.

Or, in a similar vein, Sandoval might have picked up on that vibe, and it might make him have second thoughts. He might have this vision of an ex who is also still wild about him, only to find out that the ex is a complex person, filled with millions of emotions, screaming voices, and contradictions.

But it’s probably safe to be resigned to the inevitability of the move. There are enough sources; there is enough smoke. The Giants are almost certainly bringing back Pablo Sandoval.

It’s just not official yet, though, and things can change. That’s worth remembering.