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Buster Posey voted starting catcher for NL All-Stars

It was a landslide, which it should have been. Posey will be the Giants’ only All-Star representative.

San Francisco Giants v Atlanta Braves Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Again, imagine this season without Buster Posey. It would have been worse. The Giants — no joke — might have sent Denard Span to the All-Star Game. Maybe Hunter Strickland or Cory Gearrin. It could have been added embarrassment for a team that wasn’t in need of additional embarrassment.

Instead, they’ll send Buster Posey to the All-Star Game. He will be the starting catcher, probably because he’s still the best catcher in baseball. The Giants haven’t had a lot to cheer about this season, but they’ve had Posey. And it’s still an absolute treat. Posey was voted in as the starter easily, getting millions more votes than the Cubs’ Willson Contreras, the catcher with the second-most votes.

Posey is currently chasing the NL batting crown, hitting .339 with 10 homers and superlative defense. This is his fifth All-Star selection, and he’s been voted in as the starter for the third straight year.

The bad news is that he’s the only Giants All-Star, which means this is the first single-All-Star season for the organization since 2007, when Barry Bonds was the only All-Star, even though San Francisco was hosting the danged game. That selection came with a suspiciously late voting push, too, so Posey’s clear, start-to-finish domination was just fine with me.

The Giants haven’t been very good this year, but they’ve had Buster Posey. He’s been good enough to start the All-Star game for, oh, the last eight years, depending on his health. He might have been the most obvious choice on this year’s ballot.

Congratulations to Posey for another All-Star selection, and congratulations to you for choosing a favorite baseball team that employs him. This hasn’t been the best season, but Posey is perhaps the biggest reason why you’re still pretty okay with your choice in teams.

(Also, they haven’t officially released the rest of the NL rosters at the time of publishing, so I don’t know if Posey is the only Giants All-Star, but ... well, I’m willing to take that risk.)