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SF Giants trade rumors: Red Sox interested in Eduardo Nuñez

The likeliest player to be traded before July 31 was just connected to the likeliest destination.

Cleveland Indians v San Francisco Giants Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Eduardo Nuñez is a fine player. He has speed. Hits for average. Plays wherever you need him to. His (infield) defense is fine, mostly. He won’t bring back a Grade-A prospect or six, but other teams are going to want him. Other teams like, say, the Red Sox:

Now, you’ll remember Nightengale from such rumors as “Todd Frazier to the Red Sox”:

Which he admitted he was fed because he is but a pawn in this Game of Transactions:

So you might re-read his tweet as “The Red Sox are interested in another third baseman, and they would like to let that third baseman’s team know they’re also interested in Eduardo Nuñez, so stop being grabby jerks and lower your asking price already.” It’s what I’m doing.

At the same time, Nunez does make sense for the Red Sox, just because he makes sense for just about every team. He does a lot of things well, and while he’s definitely a second-tier starter at third, he won’t cost a lot of prospect capital to acquire. If the Giants get an Adalberto Mejia-type prospect back, I would be pleasantly surprised, so this is a solid solution for a team not looking for a long-term fix.

And, really, there is a perverse sense of irony with the Red Sox needing to trade a prospect away for a third baseman because the last one didn’t work out. If the Giants can get a major league contributor for years because of the dominoes that Pablo Sandoval knocked over, I can’t express how happy that would make me. It’s why I’ve always held out hope that Kyle Crick, the supplemental pick the Giants got for losing Juan Uribe to the Dodgers, would become a dominant closer one day.

If the Red Sox are more interested in David Freese or Yangervis Solarte, I wouldn’t blame them. But they should also be poking around Nuñez, too, and we have confirmation that they just might be doing that.

Even if the rumor is coming from, well, you know.