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Diamondbacks trade prospects for J.D. Martinez

This is a fine time to remind ourselves that it’s a good thing the Giants didn’t.

Toronto Blue Jays v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

The Arizona Diamondbacks, in position for one of the two NL Wild Card slots, traded three prospects to the Tigers for J.D. Martinez. This does not affect the Giants in 2017. It won’t be enough for the Diamondbacks to catch the Dodgers. It might help them advance further in the postseason, which would be mildly annoying, but other than that, this does not concern us.

I would like to point out, though, that I was the World’s Biggest J.D. Martinez Fan this offseason. The Giants had a hole in left field, and I was pretty convinced that Jarrett Parker and/or Mac Williamson weren’t going to fill it. Martinez was a right-handed power hitter and a rental, which fit the Giants’ needs in terms of contract obligations, and when it came to the quality of prospects they would have to give up.

In other words, the Giants would have given up a hefty amount of prospects for six months of Martinez, and traded him away after three months for fewer prospects.

Nothing was going to fix the 2017 Giants. We can be clear about that now. All of the demons from the offseason, all of the missed opportunities ... we can let them all go. The Giants didn’t trade prospects for Martinez, and considering the prospects the Tigers got — they weren’t the best prospects in a widely panned Diamondbacks system — it’s safe to say that they would have traded Martinez at a loss.

Remember that the Tigers weren’t sure if they were rebuilding/reloading/contending at the beginning of the year, so they would have needed some convincing. And by “convincing,” I mean “moar prospects.” Or better prospects. Prospects you’d miss right now. Prospects the Giants might be counting on for next year.

Chris Shaw, perhaps. And I would have written that deal with a smile on my face because Martinez was the difference between 90 and 93 wins.

TURNS OUT THAT WAS NOT THE CASE. The Giants are not very good, and I’m thankful they didn’t trade any of their best prospects for a one-year rental this season. That’s your silver lining of the day. The Giants didn’t make the perfect trade, and it sure worked out in their favor.

I’ll take those silver linings. And maybe the Diamondbacks will beat the Dodgers in the NLCS, and we can appreciate this all a little bit more. For now, though, I’m thinking about the offseason that wasn’t, and how it worked out after all. Kind of.