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The Giants had one of their least eventful All-Star Games ever

But you expected that.

88th MLB All-Star Game - Batting Practice Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The San Francisco Giants had one All-Star. They deserved one All-Star. Sometimes, the system works, and we should spend our time being grateful that Buster Posey exists, not complaining that the All-Star Game was stupendously boring for Giants fans.

Even if it was stupendously boring for Giants fans.

The highlight of the Giants’ night came before the game even started, with MLB putting on a classy tribute to the history of Latin players, and both Juan Marichal and Orlando Cepeda were on hand to throw out the first pitch. You can watch it here. So in a way, it was a very eventful game for Giants fans. For a few minutes.

Other than that, all Giants fans had to look forward to was Buster Posey. I suppose if there has to be one position player to look forward to, a catcher is the best one. Lots of camera type. At least we could check out his framing and dream about Max Scherzer on the Giants?

The Buster Posey highlights, ranked:

1. He wore a Boba Fett costume.

88th MLB All-Star Game Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

There was no reason for this. But it happened. And it was probably the most interesting part of the night.

2. He took a walk

It was on four pitches, and none of them were particularly close. It probably would have been more interesting if he had swung. For science.

3. He caught baseballs behind the plate

But no one tried to steal. C’mon. Steal. For science.

Edit: Apparently someone did steal a base on him. My excuse for not remembering that is that I wasn’t really paying attention to the game at any point.

4. A Dodger gave up one of the runs

Good. Also, they had six All-Stars, which seems excessive. Maybe they can just give one to the Giants in the interest of sportsmanship.

So it wasn’t the most eventual All-Star Game for Giants fans, no. It was a far cry from 2012, when the Giants dominated the starting lineup, with Matt Cain on the mound, and they pounced on Justin Verlander because they enjoy the literary technique of foreshadowing. It’s not that I miss Melky Cabrera; I just miss Melky Cabrera-like moments.

Buster Posey dressed like Boba Fett, and he took a walk. This has been your Giants All-Star update. Hopefully next year will be more like 2012.