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Buy the jersey Hunter Strickland wore when he fought Bryce Harper

The holidays are just six months away!

I don’t know why this exists. But thanks to the Washington Post, I know it exists, which means I’m obligated to share it with you. If you want to buy the jersey that Hunter Strickland wore when he threw a baseball at Bryce Harper, you’ll have to pony up at least $1,550 for it.

The auction ends in a few hours. Hurry.


Oh, you’re still here, that’s weird, well, somebody wants it, because there are already a bunch of bids that have pushed the total price to $1,500. And if you want the matching hat, that might set you back at least $415. There are 11 bids for this, so it looks like there items are hot, hot, hot.

Sure, who wouldn’t want the matching set?

Here we have the rare piece of Giants memorabilia that I will not ask you to purchase for me. Instead, you can get me gift certificates to a nice restaurant or, ugh, just give the money to charity instead. I do not need this particular jersey in my home.

To be fair, the Giants are putting up several of the hideous Memorial Day jerseys, including Michael Morse and Brandon Crawford, and they’re above $500 each, so the touched-the-body-that-decided-to-hurt-Bryce-Harper premium is just $1000.

If you’re looking for a bargain, though, can I interest you in a game-used Tim Lincecum Angels jersey? Why forget it ever happened when you can remind yourself every day before you leave for work? Now that’s something you can buy me.

The Strickland jersey, though? I’ll pass. I will not judge you if you’re intrigued. Go, follow your heart.

UPDATE: Aw, no fun.

Hard to believe anyone actually cared, but here we are.