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Buster Posey still leading NL All-Star voting by nearly 2-to-1 margin

Posey is blowing away Willson Contreras, the second-place catcher in the 2017 All-Star Game voting

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Philadelphia Phillies John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Buster Posey, whose steely resolve will save us all when the oceans swallow the world, is still the leading vote-getter at catcher in the 2017 NL All-Star Voting, nearly doubling the total by runner-up, Willson Contreras, and getting more than twice as many votes as perennial arch-rival Yadier Molina.

This is probably because Posey is still the best catcher in baseball. The full voting:

Posey is hitting .343/.439/.512 this season, although he’s hit just .260 with a .320 slugging percentage over his last 15 games, with no homers and three doubles in 64 plate appearances. Also, his allergy to runs batted it in has become quite the comic subplot of the season, with just 14 RBI to go with his seven homers. That puts him in a tie for 233rd in baseball with Christian Arroyo, who was just demoted for hitting .192. He’s also tied with Jesus Sucre, who has 69 plate appearances and a .624 OPS.

Those stats are to prove that Posey shouldn’t be an All-Star. It’s to prove that baseball is still a rascal.

Oh, baseball.

You rascal.

Anyway, Posey is awesome, and he’s probably going to start the All-Star Game again. This has been the oddest of odd seasons so far, but at least Giants fans will have that.

KERSHAW: [squinting] Wait, is he calling for an eephus pitch?

POSEY: [vigorously nodding]

KERSHAW: Well, he is the All-Star, and I guess it is a little funny. It’s just an exhibition. I will try this!

At least Giants fans will have that.