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Postshow thread: Giants Outsiders

There was a sponsor! Please try to figure out who the sponsor was from subtle clues in the article

Grant is skeptical about whether this is actually happening

Grant Brisbee has a TV show now, and you’ll never believe this, but it’s about the San Francisco Giants. Bryan wrote about it here, and the Cliffs Notes about it are that Grant is co-hosting it with Therese Viñal‏, it’s on after the NBC Sports Bay Area postgame show, and it’s simulcast on Facebook Live.

But is it worth watching?

Upon seeing that question, your first thought might be, “Ha ha, oh Doug, you’re very fired.” Fortunately for me, Grant stopped reading my articles months ago because they’re about the Giants and if there’s anyone who already spends way, way too much time thinking about the Giants, it’s Grant. Why do more?

First things first: Giants Outsiders is brought to you by Peet’s Cold Brew. Peet’s Cold Brew: when it’s 11:30 at night and you want cold coffee, drink Peet’s Cold Brew.

Peet’s Cold Brew: purchase it with money!

On the heels of the only good Giants game of the season, the show started out with Grant and Therese taking credit for it, as is right and just. They then segued into a discussion of the game, with Grant reiterating some of his points from last night’s recap: Jeff Samardzija was very good, beating the Rockies by a lot is more fun than losing to the Rockies by a lot, the Giants are rotten pigeon carcasses, etc.

After the commercial break, they came back, drank some Peet’s Cold Brew (Peet’s Cold Brew: It’s coffee but it’s cold!), and played a game called Fair or Foul. Well, the first one was called Drew or False, because they had Drew Shiller in from the Warriors version of the show, Warriors Outsiders, and that’s apparently what they call it there. Did I say apparently? Because I mean definitely. I definitely watch that and know things about it.

Anyway, the gist of the game is that one person makes a statement and the other person decides if it’s fair or foul. So the first statement was that the Ken Rosenthal article about Mark Melancon inspired the Giants to play well tonight, which Grant TOTALLY COPPED OUT and said was fair if you want it to be. (Okay, he actually said it was Drew because technically that’s what the first question was, but let’s not get hung up on nuance). Therese said it was foul, because the conceit of bringing in a Special Guest Star to change up the format was best ignored in the episode where that format was established. Then they agreed it was fair to say that last night was the team that the Giants were supposed to be all season, and they went to another commercial.

After coming back from commercial and taking more sips of their Peet’s Cold Brew (Peet’s Cold Brew: Don’t You Dare Spell It Pete’s You Unwashed Heathen), the duo discussed Buster Posey (he’s good!), Ryder Jones (he isn’t necessarily not good!), and Madison Bumgarner (please let him be good again WE HAVE NOTHING ELSE). Grant and Therese wrapped up by picking their players of the game. Grant went with Kelby Tomlinson for hitting his first extra base hit of the year, a double with a 55 MPH exit velocity that got between the first baseman and the first base line. Therese went with Buster Posey

Throughout the episode, they also responded to comments on Facebook Live, occasionally mentioned that Peet’s has some sort of chilled beverage, and made too many jokes, references, and metaphors to list here (Which Giant was referred to as hopefully the ghost of Christmas future? I’M NOT TELLING). In all, Giants Outsiders is a fun television show starring Grant, and you should watch it, and also you should drink Peet’s Cold Brew.

Peet’s Cold Brew: a great callback when you want to end an article!