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McCovey Chroncast #60: Barry Bonds Stories

It’s our 60th episode!

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San Francisco Giants Victory Parade and Civic Celebration Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Sixty episodes! Who would've thought we'd make it this far? Neither Doug nor I did, mainly because I am one of the main components of the entire endeavor, and this week will remind you why I'm such a liability: deep into the 'cast there's ~political discussion~. You might say, "Hey dingus, stick to baseball!" and we are sticking to baseball as this particular political discussion relates directly to the Giants.

Before all that, though, we talk about how Barry Bonds should be on the air to tell more stories, where it all went wrong for the Giants, what we as fans can do to stomach the rest of this season, and fathom what the Giants might do in 2017 and beyond to right the ship. There are no easy answers, of course, and so like the team, we try to keep it interesting. We also play a quick game and answer your Twitter questions.

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