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Giants call up Ryder Jones

A franchise that has not usually had so many interesting position prospects recently finally has a chance to do what bad teams do: try ‘em out in-season.

San Francisco Giants Photo Day Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

A bit of an afternoon surprise following a laugher — the Giants have called up their second-round pick from 2013, Ryder Jones. He’s first and foremost a power hitter. He has some positional flexibility, primarily a third baseman, but the Giants have tried him in the outfield, too.

On this week’s McCovey Chroncast, our own Roger Munter noted how Jones made a huge leap in power and skill this season after taking a few years to find his footing. Indeed, his isolated power has jumped 100 points versus last season (.150 to .250), his strikeout to walk ratio has fallen from 3:1 to 2:1 and he has 10 home runs already at this point in the AAA season (he had 15 all of last season).

The Giants are desperate for power, desperate for anyone who even vaguely resembles a major league baseball player, and desperate for change. For once, they have some prospects who could potentially help them address all three. If you can’t be good, at least be interesting, and calling up prospects at least adds that “Hey, at least it’s new” element they’ve sorely lacked in other down years.

To make room for Ryder Jones, the Giants designated Aaron Hill for assignment. Hill is a veteran who’s most noteworthy moment this season came from making it onto the roster out of spring training. Before that, it was always a surprise that he hadn’t been on the Giants earlier in his career. It’s possible this is the end of the line for him, which would mean the Giants have continued to be the final stop for a lot of major league veterans. At least in our lifetimes.

Oh, right, and the Giants have a game later today. They say sleep debt really hits you the second night, so that crazy end to the Atlanta trip is far more likely to knock them out today. Another reason why the Jones move is a good one: someone will have fresh legs out there today.