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Chroncast #58: Winning Isn’t Everything (There’s Also A Draft)

The Giants are doing all they can to shake us loose, but we’re real fans and we’re going down with this ship to the extent that it probably makes sense for us to seek refuge in the MLB Draft, sport’s most boring draft.

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Minnesota Twins v San Francisco Giants
Wearing shades because the future’s possibly a funeral and you don’t want them to see you cry.
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

This is not, not, not, not an hour-long conversation about the beauty of Golden State Warriors basketball. Just wanted to get that out of the way right up front. There will be no references to Steph Curry's jumper or Klay Thompson's defense or Draymond Green's energy or Kevin Durant's completely dominant game or how they defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers and won a championship *in the Bay Area* for the first time in something, like. 40 years. But at least my writing all this stuff made you think about all that instead of the Giants for any extra time than was necessary.

Because, you know, the Giants are still a thing. We *do* talk about how being a casual to intense fanatic of baseball does offer you some refuge during a long losing season, better than the other sports, in that there are other things to look forward to and focus on as the year slogs on. In this week's case, there's the MLB Draft, which Doug and I know very little about, *but* it's exciting to talk about nonetheless. We also discuss the goals of any organization as it relates to winning and losing and keeping Hunter Strickland around. And, of course, we answer your sharp Twitter questions.

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