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Buster Posey leads in first All-Star Game ballot update

Yadites will react to this news unfavorably and make their move. You have been warned.

San Francisco Giants v Chicago Cubs Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Buster Posey is in the news today because he didn’t tackle Bryce Harper. I’d wager that if he had to do it over again, he would at least trip him on the way to the mound, but he was caught up in the moment, like all of us, thinking, “Boy, these big strong baseball men are idiots.”

However, we should remember something more important: Posey is an excellent player having an excellent season. He’s hitting .340/.439/.524, and he’s already halfway to last year’s home run total. He deserves to start the All-Star Game.

And, lookie here, that’s what he’s in line for:

Hrmm, actually, I wonder if these numbers are accurate because I don’t see any Giants outfielders listed. Must be a glitch. But Posey has a strong lead at the catcher position, with nearly 200,000 more votes than the Cubs’ Willson Contreras. That might not sound impressive, but check out where the other Cubs are in this. Even Kyle Schwarber has a shot, and he’s been absolutely abhorrent this year.

There are no Giants listed elsewhere in the top five for their positions, but, well, none of them should be. If one of the Brandons makes a surge, I’ll listen and consider supporting them over slightly more deserving candidates, but for now, Posey is the Giants’ best hope.

He’ll probably be the only All-Star, you know. That’s incredibly depressing for a team that’s been sending multiple players every year, but at least he’ll deserve it. And if these results hold, he’ll get to start again.