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McCovey Chroncast #56: Feud...?

The surest sign that the Giants season has gone off the rails is that its face of the franchise has a serious problem with the only other good player currently on the roster.

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Pictured: Brandon Belt absconds with one of Buster Posey’s children after pulling the “it cool if I hold your baby” con.
Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

We pack a lot into this week's hour and hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it. First up, it turns out Buster Posey has beef with Brandon Belt. We get to the bottom of it without forgetting to stop to reflect on the Giants taking 2 out of 3 in St. Louis against Baseball's Greatest Team, the Cardinals. Always a pleasure to watch those wins. We also follow up on our trade proposal segment from a couple of episodes back: since the 2017 Giants are toast, how can they improve the team going forward?

I nominated Joe Panik to be the player the Giants try to trade for prospects while Doug pitched Mark Melancon. Do you agree with our suggestions and/or rationale (probably not, and we're both definitely way wrong about what will actually happen, but it's fun to pose the question in this particular forum: an article on the site you're unlikely to read in the course of going to stream the latest Chroncast)? We also look ahead to this week's big series in Chicago, where the Giants will be helping the Cubs regain their mojo.

But most importantly, we bring back our Game segment and this week we've got a really fun one with some terrific answers. And, of course, we answer your Twitter questions.

Oh, and one last thing: during the part of the podcast where we talk about who might play Buster Posey and Brandon Belt in a season of FX's Feud (the thinking being that FX had already run out of good real-life feuds to dramatize and so they resort to baseball), I completely forgot -- despite having made a note for myself to remember to bring it up -- that Uproxx's Brian Grubb had already submitted the best idea for how to cast each season of Feud on FX and so I must mention here because after you read the Grubb article, I think you'll agree that he's got the right idea.

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