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Barry Bonds is getting his Wall of Fame plaque on July 8

The Giants are honoring one of the greatest players in franchise history, and it took only 10 strange years.

Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds should be in the Hall of Fame. You know this. I know this. The people who don’t think they know it actually know it. But we’ll have to wait for future generations to save us, after they’re done with their avocado toast. Until then, we’ll have this: Barry Bonds on the Giants’ Wall of Fame. From a press release from the team:

The San Francisco Giants today announced that it will unveil a plaque on the team’s Wall of Fame in honor of seven-time National League MVP Barry Bonds on Saturday, July 8th at 3:30 p.m. prior to the Giants v. Miami Marlins game at AT&T Park along King Street.

The Giants Wall of Fame serves as a living tribute to the organization’s greatest players. It recognizes retired players whose records stand highest among their teammates on the basis of longevity and achievements. Those honored have played a minimum of nine seasons for the San Francisco Giants, or five seasons with at least one All-Star selection as a Giant. Bronze plaques honoring these players and their baseball contributions line the brick wall of AT&T Park along King Street for all Giants fans to enjoy. Bonds will join 48 other Giants legends who have received the Wall of Fame honor.

Not sure if doing it before the Marlins game is intentional, but good work if so. Bonds will be the first Giants player to be honored on the Wall of Fame since Marvin Benard and Jason Schmidt in 2011.

Fun fact: Someone once told me that the reason the minimum for the Wall of Fame is nine seasons is because Peter Magowan wanted to make sure J.T. Snow was honored. Which is exceptionally funny to me. If you’re agitated by the Belt Wars, you have no idea what it was like to live through the Great Snow Conflicts.

Anyway, this is about Barry Bonds, who hit several baseballs very, very far and will receive metal words embedded into a wall, as is our custom. After this, I’m assuming the number retirement will soon follow. And then it’s up to the dinks in the BBWAA to appreciate baseball history a little better.

For now, though, we have a Wall of Fame. Better late than never.

A list of the players currently honored:

Felipe Alou
Gary Lavelle
Jim Barr
Johnnie LeMaster
Rod Beck
Jeffrey Leonard
Vida Blue
Kirt Manwaring
Bob Bolin
Juan Marichal
Jeff Brantley
Willie Mays
Bobby Bonds
Mike McCormick
Bob Brenly
Willie McCovey
John Burkett
Stu Miller
Orlando Cepeda
Greg Minton
Jack Clark
Kevin Mitchell
Will Clark
Randy Moffitt
Jim Davenport
John Montefusco
Chili Davis
Robb Nen
Dick Dietz
Gaylord Perry
Darrell Evans
Rick Reuschel
Tito Fuentes
Kirk Rueter
Scott Garrelts
J.T. Snow
Tom Haller
Chris Speier
Atlee Hammaker
Robby Thompson
Jim Ray Hart
Matt Williams
Mike Krukow
Jeff Kent
Rich Aurilia
Shawn Estes
Marvin Benard
Jason Schmidt