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MLB Draft 2017: Giants linked to Logan Warmoth in mock draft


NCAA Men's College World Series
Not Logan Warmoth, but I don’t have that many options, really.
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Let’s get this out of the way: It’s possible that “Warmoth” is a very boring name to people on the East Coast, or a surname that is way more prevalent than I previously thought. Just like we got used to the idea of “Pujols” within two weeks, so would we get used to the idea of Warmoth.

On the other hand, the Giants were linked in a mock draft to Logan Warmoth, whose last name combines the word “war” and “moth,” which is fresh and awesome. The hats sell themselves.

So do the albums.

I would buy that on vinyl. I might own that on vinyl, actually, even though I just made it. Or did I?

Anyway, you’re here to read about this mock draft. The Giants are picking 19th in the 2017 MLB Draft, which is just high enough to get really, really interested. This mock comes from friend of the program Christopher Crawford and Hero Sports, and it reads ...


Warmoth has seen his stock rise a ton since the start of the season, thanks to his ability to make hard contact to all parts of the field and put the ball into the gaps. He also can provide value on the bases, and he's not an abhorrent defender at shortstop. That's a good combination, if you ask me.

It is. I’m trying to think of any other Giants infielders who make hard contact to all parts of the field and put the ball into the gaps, and I’ll let you know if any come to mind. But he sounds like a very Giants pick. Warmoth will be 22 in September, which means he’d hopefully start in San Jose next year after a quick spin through the Northwest League. And if you’re worried about where he would fit with Christian Arroyo, Brandon Crawford, and Joe Panik, don’t. These things have a way of working themselves out. For every Cepeda/McCovey problem, there are 300 similar situations that are resolved organically.

Or, to put it another way, I remember comments asking what Buster Posey was going to do if Pablo Sandoval was blocking him behind the plate. Time is a good arbiter.

The bigger question is if the Giants are still sticking with the gaps ‘n’ doubles approach, considering it’s sort of a turd this year. Christian Arroyo might be the last of his generation, really. But if the Giants are still into it, this seems like a definite pick with the organizational philosophy. A baseball rat with a line-drive swing but tools that don’t make scouts’ hearts flutter.

Yep. That’s extremely Giants, alright.

The Giants won’t draft for need, and they won’t follow the boards of pundits and analysts. They have their own rankings, which is how they end up with Joe Panik (good) and Chris Stratton (incomplete ... but maybe less good) in the first round. If I’m a betting man, though, I would keep an eye on Logan Warmoth.

Because I’m pegging him as Christian Arroyo with a meme-able name. And that sounds sweet to me.