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McCovey Chroncast #53: It’s Gonna Be May!

The Giants are off to their worst start in 37 years, which for some reason means it’s time to... blame Brandon Belt? Well, first, let’s talk about Christian Arroyo’s possible nicknames and how to deal with a losing team going forward.

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MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Francisco Giants Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

A 9-17 start is, as the kids say, a "suboptimal" start to the season, and there's no question that the team has a nearly impossible chance of making the postseason... so where does that leave our weekly podcast if there's nothing really to root for?

Well, that's the thing -- there's still plenty to root for and plenty to talk about. What is there to root for, you may ask? Why, friendship and camaraderie. This Chroncast wouldn't have come into existence without the bonds formed on McCovey Chronicles during those post-2004 lean years. And Matt Cain being the only beacon of hope in terms of the Giants' next window of success begat such wonderful images as this

So, consider that the Giants being bad now could still be very, very good for you.

We also rank the worst pitches to get hit by and give our theories as to why Brandon Belt of all playes gets all the blame for the Giants' current woes. And lots of good Twitter questions this week. Keep ‘em coming!

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