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McCovey Chroncast #52: It’s Only April!

The Giants continue into 2017 their 2016 trend of being the worst team in baseball, but that doesn’t stop Bryan and Doug from cracking jokes, making wise, and generally riding the carcasse of their favorite team into a valuable exploration of what it means to be a fan.

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San Francisco Giants v Colorado Rockies
Matt will have to figure out how to do Moore with less.
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

So, 2017 isn’t what you hoped it would be, but that’s okay. The Giants were never going to win every game and they were never built to be the best team in the league. Sure, they have been the worst team in the sport since last year’s All-Star Break, but they have a bunch of guys on the roster we and you really, really like. So, let’s still get together and talk about them.

This week, we follow-up on Doug’s article which asked if “This is who the Giants are” — is the team really this bad? Is the franchise doomed? What did I have to do with a 6-13 start? Surely, I must’ve done something. And what about Gorkys Hernandez? Is he a major league baseball player? That seems like a question worth asking, given the circumstances. The Giants have to face off against a lot of major league teams over the next several months and it would be good for them to match those major league teams with major league hitters.

But fielding a major league roster is sometimes difficult for major league baseball teams to do. We’ve seen the Giants struggle to field a competitive team before, only McCovey Chronicles didn’t have a podcast back then. Now it does, so come listen and enjoy the sarcasm. Oh, and Doug gives us some a AAA scouting report to fuel our hopes and dreams for how the farm might help the major league roster (although... yeah, don’t get your hopes up).

We also answer your Twitter questions and play a couple of fun games, though I think you’ll admit that my answer for one of the games was Gorkys Hernandez-level bad.

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