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Should the Giants dock Madison Bumgarner’s pay?

We examine this important question from all sides

San Francisco Giants v Kansas City Royals Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

After Madison Bumgarner hurt himself in a dirt bike accident Thursday, because most major league contracts have language prohibiting behavior like that, a segment of Giants fandom is asking the important question: Will the team dock his pay because of this incident? Don’t just take my word for it. Take Hank Schulman’s.

Since this is such a big issue in Giantsland right now, it’s important to look at every angle of this. So, should the Giants dock Madison Bumgarner’s pay?


The hell kind of question is that?

Of course not

You realize he’s hella good and on a super team friendly contract, right? Why would the Giants unnecessarily create future resentment in order to save a small amount of money today? That makes absolutely no goddamn sense.

Jesus, no

The Giants have spent a long time building a reputation as an organization that treats players right, doesn’t try to nickel and dime them, and above all else, is loyal to the guys who have been loyal to them and productive while they were here. No one on the current team outside of Matt Cain and Buster Posey has anywhere close to the history with the Giants that Bumgarner has, and the organization’s reputation is built on how they treat these guys. Why would they ever trash that?


Just kidding! Fuck anyone who says yes to this question.

What a bizarre thing to ask

You understand that this isn’t your money, right? You are not personally paying Madison Bumgarner. “Oh, but I buy $17 beers to go along with my $88 crab sandwiches every time I’m at the ballpark in my $600 seats,” you are saying, and yes, you are doing those things. You are paying money to a business in exchange for multiple goods or services, and then they are choosing to reinvest that money as they see fit. It is no longer your money. It is their money. And it’s a good business decision to continue paying it to Madison Bumgarner even though he had a bike accident.

Well, how else are players supposed to learn not to do dangerous things?

Buddy, if you think that the humiliation of being injured and being unable to support your teammates and being unable to compete at the highest level and losing out on a significant percentage of the very limited time you can spend in your profession and the fact that you’ll have to answer questions about it for years and the fact that even if they’re not talking to you people will still talk about it for decades won’t deter a player, but money will? You might want to rethink your opinion.

No, and you’re terrible for suggesting it

You sick, soulless asshole. What the hell is wrong with you? You wretched, cretinous waste of oxygen. Why would you ever think this is a good idea? You utterly depraved wretch. Where did this idea even come from? You corporation-frenching billionaire apologist scum of the earth. How can the notion that this is a good idea even pass through your head without a thousand alarms drowning it out? What a miserable, vacuous existence to think that players should be punished for the sins they’re already paying for in order to benefit their employers. How sad it must be to live that life.

In conclusion, I don’t think it would be a good idea for the Giants to dock Madison Bumgarner’s pay.