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Madison Bumgarner could be out ‘longer than 2 months’

If you were hoping for that best-case six-week estimate, prepare to be disappointed.

San Francisco Giants v Kansas City Royals Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The original estimate of how long Madison Bumgarner would be it was six to eight weeks, from Ken Rosenthal, but that was contingent on an evaluation later in the week. However, there was a glimmer of hope: Alex Pavlovic reported that the six-to-eight-week estimate didn’t come from the Giants. So it could be sooner?

Sure! But it could be longer. Buster Olney with the sobering scoop:

When it comes to shoulders, err on the side of sadness. They are the body’s Rube Goldberg machine, and they are annoying. By most accounts, Bumgarner’s injury was apparently of the good-gravy-was-he-lucky variety, which suggests that he was traveling on his dirt bike at a high rate of speed. You don’t need a computer reenactment to imagine how his shoulder could absorb most of the force of the impact, and how that could mess him up.

It’s early, and there are more reports to come. There’s a reason why the Giants haven’t come out with an estimate; they’re still waiting for more information, too.

But for the first time, we have a hint that two months wouldn’t be such a bad thing. That hint is, in turn, a very bad thing. Keep your fingers crossed.