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McCovey Chroncast #51: Don’t Call for a Comeback

The Giants don’t do comebacks, but is that actually a good thing?

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Colorado Rockies v San Francisco Giants Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images

Sure, the Giants haven’t had a comeback win in the ninth inning since May of 2015, but as we approach the two-year anniversary of this bit of history, is there enough evidence on the current roster to explain or disprove just why it is that they’ve been so unlucky in this specific way?

And how have the staples of the Giants’ lineup looked in the early going? More than a few of the hitters seem to get worse as the game goes on, and we try (in vain, to be sure) to diagnose just what it is that might be ailing them. Is Denard Span the best leadoff hitter? Does Chris Marrero have left field on lock?

There are also some Twitter questions and the results from our second ever McCovey Chroncast poll: What should the Giants do about the left field situation?

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